Chinese leadership seems to regard the sovereignty of nations in a CSIS quote from Xi Jinping. Is the era of 'conquest' as a national objective  ending in favor of a co-operative and pluralistic world?

Quote source from CSIS Twitter post today:

"Xi Jinping: The argument that strong countries are bound to seek hegemony does not apply to China. This is not in the DNA of this country given our long historical and cultural background. Also China fully understands that we need a peaceful and stable internal and external environment to develop ourselves.We all to need to work together to avoid the Thucydides trap -- destructive tensions between an emerging power and established powers, or between established powers themselves.

Our aim is to foster a new model of major country relations in three aspects.

First is a no confrontational or zero-sum mentality. Second is mutual respect for other's path of development and cultural heritage. Third, to seek common ground on issues of common interests in pursuit of win-win progress. As long as the major countries follow these principles, no war will break out in the world."



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05/09/2016 11:12pm

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