In studying the prevalence of violence in our society today and the use of force among our law enforcement agencies there is evidence that our police officers, though highly trained for the job, do not have sufficient off-duty support and may be neglected. It can be argued that this, too, is an important aspect in their ability to perform with the care and concern for ordinary citizens. 

Quoting from Joan Barker's book titled "Danger, Duty and Disillusion: A Worldview of the Los Angeles Police Officers": "The inability of citizens (non-police) to see officers as individuals drives wedges between police officers and non-police, and also demonstrates to police that life is safer and easier when they interact primarily with police and police community persons." Granted, officers not only choose a career but because of the intensity of their training they choose a way of life. Somehow, the general public may need to be more supportive or inclusive of our officers to substantiate their roles on and off duty. Somehow this seems to be an essential ingredient to a better, stronger and healthier police force and society.



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