Today's news of Vladamir Putin's divorce with his wife of 30 years is shocking not so much because they are getting a divorce (which can reasonably happen in a marriage). The issue concerns the duty of a world leader to responsibly uphold his marriage vows or pay attention to the duties a husband need bear (whether the flame has been extinguished or their love has been tarnished). Basic regard to the First Lady when she was his fiancee and then wife reportedly has been very out of place and shameful. From the news story it was hard to believe that he would typically keep her waiting up to three hours for a meeting (to the point where she would 'nearly cry out in humiliation') but remain right on time for business affairs. Reportedly he would "criticize her cooking when his late arrival meant the meat was dry and that he was away on a business trip when their first child was born, forcing her to hail a cab for the hospital while in labor." The man's duty is very high in a marriage and our world leaders need uphold it. Especially to show regard for the woman (who is traditionally underprivileged). That is not to say that mistakes aren't made. It is how they are handled that makes the leader great (ie. the Clintons).


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