Is America too preoccupied with physical contact? I remember in the travels to India in my early years where it wasn't uncommon for two men to be holding hands (not sexually but in friendship) and laughing playfully together. This became less apparent as the years continued. From what I understand, the Western participants were less accustomed to this type of love (friendship as God's children would have together). The stark displays in some photography make me wonder why it repulses me or why I feel disdain when I see them. Then I remembered what happened and realized that some of our sincere humanity may be denied if we keep too stoic an approach to life.



Is your school struggling to make ends meet? Do you need new books, new computers or training for your teachers? Where can you find some extra money that will help your school be able to afford all the things your students need? You may have tried earning some extra cash with standard school vending machines but in the days ahead you may be forced to either remove your vending machines all together or replace them with a healthy alternative.

12/13/2016 10:13pm

After school, children of today are so addicted to activities which give pleasure and satisfaction to them, they are enjoying these activities without thinking that these activities only give them enjoyment but don't contribute enough to their health making them lazy, brittle and prone to sickness


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