Historically it is understood that Prophet Muhammad may have arranged 'special relationships' with other religions that recognized their rights to practice their religion and protect their property. What the Egyptian constitution may be saying is upheld by this early gesture in the history of Islam. 


04/12/2014 12:14am

Nice post.

09/16/2014 6:49pm

A psychiatrist here cawed about her perfect score and about her great eye-reading skill. At the same time, readers repeatedly pointed out deep flaws of the whole test, some garnering many, many 'recommends'.

09/20/2014 3:59am

These could be black men. Just how different do you think black people look? With black and white photos, it is much harder to tell when lighter shades just mean there is more light on the subject.

09/28/2014 6:58am

I scored the worst in detecting negative male states and best in detecting female positive states. As a gay man I find this amusing.

10/10/2014 6:00am

Is it just me, or do you see something wrong with the fact that all the "fantasizing, desire" type photos belong to women?

11/14/2014 5:51pm

Also, some of the pictures and answers didn't strike me as being completely accurate; it may just be me but it can also be said that there wasn't simply one emotion or thought in many of the faces I saw above.

12/06/2016 1:40am

very nice

12/06/2016 1:55am

Being a Muslim i am very happy to read this blog because here name Holy prophet Muhammad. One of the best person in all the world and all person is agree with them his advise. He gives the permission of freedom for chose the religion and also gives the rules of life.


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